New From Sutton Tools

At last, a machine capable of seamless, solderless welds on all precious metals!

Following recent developments in welding technology, Sutton Tools can now present the new Easi-Welder.

With a variable welding spot between 0.70mm and 2.00mm plus 8 different power settings the Easi-Welder can handle most tasks. Oxidation of the work is no longer an issue with the introduction of argon gas, which also ensures a cleaner, stronger weld.

Health and safety is always a major consideration, but not with the Easi-Welder. The sight protection filter (contained within the view screen) automatically darkens when welding, thus protecting the eyes from potentially harmful U.V. and I.V. rays.

Experience for yourself the huge time and cost saving benefits with this invaluable tool, all at the fraction of the cost of expensive laser welding equipment.

For more information or a free demonstration, contact Sutton Tools.

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