New Home for Jeweller’s Bench & Tools

The Hockley Flyer received an email from the Rev’d David Tomlinson – vicar of St Paul’s JQ church to ask if we could find a new home for a jeweller’s workbench and some tools which were left behind by some unknown person.

Because we knew that all our museums were ‘full’ of such items, we made contact with The Hive to see whether they could use them in their future expansion plans. for the New Standard Works. They were delighted!

‘The Hive were thrilled with the Jeweller’s bench and tools, so thank you very much for arranging that transfer. It’s now in place where it’ll be seen by more people and used’.

From: The Rev’d David Tomlinson
Vicar of St Paul’s in the JQ

‘Thank you, St Paul’s Church, for donating this wonderful Jeweller’s Bench & Tools’.

From: The Hive at The New Standard Works.

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