New Range of Casting Alloys from ‘United’

United Precious Metals are launching a new range of casting alloys with Lanoire as the UK distributor.

Serving twenty markets worldwide, the US company, United Precious Metal Refining, known as “the refiner of choice”, are introducing nine unique Brass and Bronze alloys.

The initial range features yellow, red, white and green Brass and Bronze Alloys in a selection of finishes.

All United alloys are hypoallergenic and free of lead, cadmium and other toxic metals.

Harry Patel, Lanoire’s Managing Director, “United are setting new standards in premium alloys. Their alloys are the best quality available but competitively priced.

The new colours and finishes are impressive, and this launch means that we can now offer a much wider choice of top quality alloys in the UK.”

The all-purpose range offers high fluidity, easy working, high re-usability and surface lustre, excellent fabrication, low melting temperature, high performance and outstanding enamelling properties. Each line is tarnish and fire scale resistant, user friendly and superb for handcrafting.

A free sample pack is available to let castors see the results for themselves. Contact: email:

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