Norse Forge Jewellery


Adam Marshall is a designer jeweller who is just about to launch his first line of products. The pieces are all designed and hand crafted by himself and he tells us:

‘The inspiration for my jewellery is Nordic/Viking mythology and historical artefacts from that period. I designed and handcrafted every piece, as I wanted to capture the unique flair of that era.

For my collection, I use clean lines and minimalist contemporary style to approach 21st century fashion.

I wanted to make sure that every person who buys one of my products not only gets a quality piece of jewellery but also something with its own story and character.

By putting my heart and soul to this project, I believe each piece is special in its own way. At the moment my collection isn’t the biggest because I do not want to force the creative flow. My aim is to produce items I am excited about and proud of.

I design and sculpt my pieces mainly at home but I do my final touches at Touchstone Jewellery in The Jewellery Quarter (36 Northampton Street), where I am currently based.

T: 07890 755989.

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