Obituary – Carol Keay 1947 – 2013

It is very sad to report the sudden death in December of Carol Keay (Dave Keay’s sister) at the age of 66 years.

A lot of people will remember Carol because for about 12 years she worked in Dave Keay’s shop (Key Jewellery) in Warstone Lane (one episode of ‘Boon’ the TV detective series was filmed in that shop)!

One of her favourite hobbies was baking ‘special cakes’ and when the Jewellery Quarter Association Ltd was formed in 1989 (Dave was one of the founder-directors) to mark the occasion she baked a large cake with The Chamberlain Clock on the top (look carefully and you will note the clock had no lights – it hadn’t been restored at that time!)

Scenes of the Quarter were reproduced as decoration around the sides of the cake. One scene depicted the Cemetery Lodge which Dave later restored (he was awarded the JQA President’s Award (amongst other awards) for his conservation work in the Jewellery Quarter over the past 25/30 years.

The cake was taken to the Lord Mayor’s Parlour in the Council House and in the presence of the JQA Founding Directors it was ‘cut’ by the Lord Mayor.
R.I.P. Carol

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