One Year On and Professor Carl Chinn Joins PBII

Jackie Powell, Head teacher of Perry Beeches II School told The Hockley Flyer: “September 2013 brings the start of our second year at Perry Beeches II here in the Jewellery Quarter.

We had an amazing year last year with all of our students making exceptional progress in their academic studies.

We feel very much at home here in the Jewellery Quarter because of the warm welcome we received.

This area of the City is perfectly in tune with our ethos of hard work and always seeking to go that extra mile in order to be successful and to be part of a real sense of community. We are delighted to announce that Professor Carl Chinn has joined the Perry Beeches family.”

Liam Nolan, Executive Head, said: “We are delighted that Carl is with us, he is passionate about education and young people.”

Carl, who has supported the Hockley Flyer for many years, tells us: “Working with Perry Beeches II is an opportunity to work with a diverse range of students and although I will be teaching, I know that I am going to learn from the young people, which is a thrilling prospect.”

He continued: “Everyone has a story to tell, hopefully we will build up a picture of how we all came to be sharing this space and how we are all brummies and how this is our City.”

Jackie continued: “We are so delighted to have Carl with us; he is going to make sure that we have a real understanding of our history, here in the Jewellery Quarter. He has already so inspired our students that they are developing a real love for the history of their own families and of Birmingham.”

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