Parking Permits

We are still getting reports of problems from workers trying to renew their Parking Permits and those applying for the first time.

In desperation we went to the highest possible level to find out what was wrong with the system and received the following reply:

Re Permit Parking problems

‘Thank you for your note to the Leader which he has asked me to respond to. Please accept my apologies for the delay in replying.

As a result of your email and other similar comments made to the Customer Contact Centre who administer the issuing of parking permits, there have been some changes made to the process of updating the waiting list for permits in the last few weeks.

This should ensure that numbers are updated more regularly and a more accurate picture of the demand for permits (which is complicated by the need to anticipate existing customers who may or may not renew permits) can be established.

However if you have any further complaints or queries passed to you please contact me as the Head of Service for Parking and I will ensure my officers take this up with the relevant representative at the Customer Contact Centre’.

Traffic Manager, Highways, and Resilience
Birmingham City Council

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