Paul Dyson – Director Promotion

After 12 extremely successful years at the Goldsmiths’ Company, Paul Dyson will be leaving this autumn to pursue other interests. In his time at Goldsmiths’ Hall, Paul has achieved an enormous amount to raise the Company’s profile with the media, the general public and in the eyes of all silversmiths and jewellers in the UK.

He has done this through a combination of brilliantly staged exhibitions and events, obtaining extensive coverage in national and international media, and through the development of both of the Company’s websites.

To give impact to the Company’s communications, he undertook a complete review of the brand identity, which was refreshed and revitalized. Whilst mindful of the Company’s 700 year history, the new brand is very much in keeping with the organisation’s aspirations in the 21st Century.

In addition to his many critically acclaimed exhibitions, including “Gold: Power and Allure” (2012) and “Treasures of the English Church: Sacred Gold and Silver 800-2000” (2008) which both achieved record numbers of visitors, Paul has built a devoted following for the annual Goldsmiths’ Fair. These events have added not just prestige to the Company but very real support to the trade’s bottom line with impressive year-on-year increases in sales.

Paul has brought an energy and passion to every activity undertaken in his role, and he will be missed enormously. He leaves the Goldsmith’s Company at the end of October with the Court’s gratitude and warm wishes for the future.

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