Paula Hamilton Exhibits in Birmingham in November

Reflections on Water

Distinctive landscape paintings by Paula Hamilton from Hopwood, Birmingham feature in Birmingham Art Circle’s ‘Movement’ exhibition at the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists (RBSA) Gallery in Birmingham.

Paula is an elected member of Birmingham Art Circle and an elected Associate member of the RBSA.

“The Art Circle is made up of professional artists and is a great society to belong to,” says Paula. “It was founded in 1879 making it one of the oldest art societies in the UK. But its outlook is not stuck in the past and it has grown in numbers to around 60 members becoming a strong and lively society.

Artists from all disciplines join the society for the support and interest it offers. Elections are held twice a year and the selection process is stringent.”

The focus of the monthly meetings, held at the RBSA Gallery, is for artists to support and encourage each other with constructive discussions of current work, occasional short presentations, workshops and visiting speakers.

The Art Circle exhibits as a group twice a year, always at the RBSA and at another gallery in the Midlands area. One of these exhibitions usually has a theme in order to encourage members to think and research to produce new work.

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