Queen of the Trolley


Did you see Inside/Out on 30th September where Marie Haddleton and her trolley were featured? Unfortunately it was screened two weeks later than the original date so some people missed it.

The programme certainly seems to have had an impact as hundreds of emails were received by the BBC after the show, all in support of Marie’s sentiments – unfortunately the BBC do not release copies of these emails as it would have been interesting to hear just what people outside of the area believe about preserving the Jewellery Quarter for its historic value, tourism, shopping and of course its workers.

The pathos when Marie walked away into the sunset to the sound of violins, still trundling her trolley behind her, saying with a break in her voice that she would be ‘Heartbroken if the Jewellery Quarter disappeared forever’ brought a lump to everyone’s throat, even Marie’s!

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