Run of the Mill

News From the New Standard Works

(Suzanne Carter talking to The Hockley Flyer)
Marie: “Hi Suzanne, hope you are well and able to carry on working in these difficult times. The May issue of the HF is now online”

Suzi: “Good read, and I have tweeted about it.”

Marie: “Is there is any news about the second phase of development at The New Standard Works, or is everything on hold”?

Suzi: “We’re done developing for now. Just the basement to go but not a priority of the Ruskin Mill Trust at the moment.

“The college has been closed but is set to re-open beginning of June.

“We’ve been keeping activity going at The Hive during lockdown with a craft campaign. The Team have been posting out a wide variety of craft activities and although they are a small team, in the past few weeks they have managed to reach out to over 100 people in Birmingham and beyond.”

Marie: “How is the roof garden and of course the beehives going?”

Suzi: “The roof garden is going really well. I was up there recently with Gary the gardener.

“We are going to be doing a LIVE Facebook 30 min session talking about the garden etc… as part of the JQ at Home day on 13 June. Steve Lovell is working on the programme. I hope I don’t fall over during it coming down the stairs into the basement!! LOL.”

Keep well and safe you and Mark and as the Queen said…. we’ll meet again!’

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