The Angel Listers Awards

As a continual quest for the liberation of empowerment of women through fashion and design Christopher Shellis designer and creator of the House Of Borgezie has taken a painstaking two years to design and create a perfect angel sculpture, born of fire forged from 1.200 degrees of heat and like any true treasure has the ability to last for eternity to be passed down through the generations and centuries.

Christopher has named the creation – ‘Liberation and empowerment angel’.

The angel was created by Christopher Shellis, to represent and symbolise the cause of liberation and empowerment of women worldwide.

To celebrate this quest Christopher at the house of Borgezie has created not the ‘a listers awards’ but indeed the ‘angel listers awards’.

The ‘angel listers’ comprises of ten women that are recognised and celebrated as some of the most influential and strong female role models of the year and will be awarded and receive a beautifully sculptured Borgezie liberation & empowerment angel pendant.

The angels are of course available on the house of Borgezie web site in solid silver, 18ct gold or platinum to any woman wishing to join the cause and become a liberation angel of their own.

The 2019 angel listers are as follows:

  • HRH Catherine Duchess of Cambridge
  • Queen Maxima of The Netherlands
  • Princess Charlene Of Monaco
  • Melinda Gates (Malinda Gates Foundation)
  • Madonna
  • Victoria Beckham
  • Jenifer Lopez
  • Angelina Jolie
  • Adele
  • Nigella Lawson
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