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The Glory of Gold – A Selling Exhibition of Ancient and Modern Luxury Gold Jewellery

This Pre-Colombian gold, ‘Disquis’ pendant necklace, dates from between 700 – 1530 AD.

The specialist antique jewellery retailer Kojis and the Italian jewellery brand Vendorafa are collaborating to stage a pre-Christmas selling exhibition of fine, yellow, gold jewellery with pieces on show dating from pre-Christian times to the present day.

This unusual exhibition will be staged at Kojis’ boutique in London’s exclusive Royal Exchange shopping destination from 14th – 23rd November, 2012. Opening hours will be 10.00am to 6.00pm from Monday to Friday.

A similar event will also be held at the Kojis’ concession in Liberty at the end of November exclusively for clients of the store.

“Gold jewellery and especially luscious yellow gold jewellery has always had an important place in the human psyche and it is undoubtedly one of the things that people throughout history have turned to in economically troubled times.

Today’s consumer is no exception and we expect huge interest in these investment designs,” says Murray Feely the owner of Kojis.

Feely, who purchases unusual jewellery from around the world, has sourced some particularly rare pre-Columbian necklaces for this exhibition. Of special interest is a Disquis pendant necklace dated at being between 700 and 1530 AD.

The design, which carries a five figure price tag, features a man with arms distorted to appear wing like, wearing a headdress and avian mask.

Kojis’ ancient pieces are perfectly complemented by a selection of hand-finished contemporary 18ct gold necklaces, pendants, bracelets and earring suites from Vendorafa, a company recognised globally as offering the epitome of fine Italian jewellery design.

“The craftsmanship and skills required to work in gold have changed remarkably little over the centuries and although some two thousand years separates Vendorafa’s jewels from some of the early pieces on show in this exhibition, their workmanship is equally consummate.

Indeed some of the hand-beaten finishes used by Vendorafa utilise techniques used in the early designs on display. Customers buying Vendorafa are undoubtedly buying the antiques of the future,” says Ben Williams, business development manager at Advalorem the UK company with sole distribution rights for the Vendorafa brand in the UK and Ireland.

These ‘Flora Due Earrings’ in 18ct yellow gold and diamonds from Vendorafa are part of a suite comprising a matching necklace and bracelet. The earrings have a RRP of £3525.

The Glory of Gold is also being supported by ‘Threadneedles’ a local, luxury boutique hotel which is to serve a “Columbian Gold” menu, at just £32 a head, for the duration of the exhibition.

The hotel will also create and serve a ‘Columbian Gold’ cocktail at its sophisticated and popular bar, as well as offering discount vouchers on afternoon tea and on weekend accommodation to Kojis customers. “This initiative by Threadneedles is a delightful added incentive to our customers to attend.

What could be more agreeable than perusing some exquisite jewellery and then having a delicious themed lunch, or afternoon tea, in one of the City’s favourite hotels?” says Feely.

‘The Glory of Gold’ is a must see for anyone interested in gold jewellery and with retail prices starting at around £500 it should provide a fertile hunting ground for those seeking an unusual and glorious gold gift for themselves, or for a loved one, this Christmas.

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