Triple Whammy for WB

Patrick Fuller

Making the short list for the ‘UK Jewellery Awards’ – the annual Oscars for the jewellery industry – is of itself a considerable achievement; so when WB The Creative Jewellery Group discovered that all three of its businesses – Gecko, Weston Beamor and Domino – had been short-listed to win the title ‘UK Supplier of the Year’ to say that the staff and directors were proud is something of an understatement.

A further cause for delight is that Domino has also been short-listed to win the ‘Bridal Collection of the Year Award’, assisted perhaps by its recent triumph in winning one of the Houlden Group’s Bridal Awards earlier this year.

“We were surprised and pleased to hear that all three businesses had made it into the final few and would like to pay tribute to our customers whose kind endorsements about our services and products have helped us to make our case to the judges.

Thanks go too to all our staff whose hard work, expertise, and dedication have been recognised,” says Group Chairman, Patrick Fuller.

There is, says Fuller, tremendous internal and very friendly rivalry between the three companies and naturally each team is hoping they will be the one to win. “Although we account for three of the eight nominations in the ‘Supplier of the Year category’ we still have some very stiff competition to overcome from the other excellent companies on the shortlist and we are definitely not counting our chickens ,but it would be wonderful – whichever company might be chosen – to actually win,” he said.

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