Yoshida platinum/palladium Gapman casting machine is set up at Robotech

283flytt06aRobotech Developments have now set up a Yoshida Gapman casting machine (for platinum, palladium, stainless steel, gold and silver casting) at our partner’s Robotech Developments factory in Stoke-on-Trent, complete with a mini electric burnout furnace and Vacuvest #3 vacuum mixer suitable for mixing and pouring the 2 part pt investments to form a complete casting shop.

The Yoshida casting machine was the subject of an earlier article in the Hockley Flyer, called ‘A Japanese way of casting jewellery’. They are now able to offer demonstrations and trials to anyone interested in seeing this excellent casting technology in action. They will also be showing all the equipment shown at the forthcoming NEC Spring show, from 1st/5th February 2009, we will be in hall 17, stand F43.

We have also set-up an AVALON mass finishing machine, both wet and dry, at Robotech Developments, and we are also able to offer trials and demonstrations on the same equipment. We will also be showing this equipment again at the NEC Spring show together with the ‘LUXI’ water based polishing compounds and pastes.

283flytt06bPlease contact Chris Hewitt on 01785 815800 if you would like to see a demonstration of either YOSHIDA or AVALON machinery at Robotech Developments. Hewitt Jewellery Equipment ltd – www.hewitt-impex.co.uk. Email: .

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