AnchorCert now Includes Coloured Diamonds

AnchorCert Independent Diamond Certification Service at the Birmingham Assay Office is pleased to announce that the scope of its UKAS Accreditation to ISO17025 now extends to include coloured diamonds.

The AnchorCert team made up of experienced and highly qualified gemmologists are delighted that UKAS have recognised the certification process of Coloured Diamonds along with its long held UKAS status for its certification of loose and mounted white diamonds, thus endorsing and guaranteeing its consistent methodology and competence.

AnchorCert is the only UK based Diamond Certification Laboratory to receive UKAS accreditation.

AnchorCert has made substantial investments in the sophisticated equipment required to identify treatments of natural diamonds, or synthetics. Anu Manchanda, Senior Gemmologist at AnchorCert says “This represents another big step forward for AnchorCert.

We are already respected for our competence for white diamonds and this accreditation demonstrates our capabilities with coloured diamonds as well.”

AnchorCert’s expert team of gemmologists offer a range of reports for loose or mounted stones. Other services include Laser Inscriptions onto diamonds as well as gem testing for other coloured stones including Tanzanite and natural pearls.

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