New ‘OROTIG’ Laser Marker – Speed and Power in one Machine!

Hewitt JEL Ltd and Robotech Developments, manufacturers and suppliers of casting and finishing equipment, including laser welders to the industry, are pleased to announce that they will be showing a new Italian ‘OROTIG’ fibre Laser Marker, at the forthcoming NEC Spring fair, being held from the 7th to the 11th of February at the NEC.

The Orotig laser marker uses the latest fibre laser technology for marking with very fine accuracy, (using a minimum 25µm marking spot) and more than 10 times the speed of conventional marking systems.

Their fibre technology has many advantages over traditional solid state lasers, such as allowing a marker system which is easy to operate with no tooling requirements, and it allows the machine to operate all day without overheating.

High power density of the marking beam allows large marking areas to be processed quickly, and allows 3 dimensional marking to be achieved.

The machine is ideal for marking and engraving texts, graphic designs, logos, patterns, printing of images, and printing of security labels etc, on many metals, alloys and other materials such as ceramics. An area as large as 300 mm can be marked by adopting the shortest focal distance lens.

Operating commands are displayed and executable either by push buttons on the machine or by computer. There are also a wide range of extension type files for importing images, patterns, logos etc.

The machine is compact at 55 kgs, being much smaller than other comparative markers on the market today, and comes with a 2 year warranty on parts, and with 1 year labour warranty provided by ourselves.

Please come and see the laser marker with the laser welders at the NEC Spring fair, (we are in Hall 17, stand Q50) or contact Chris Hewitt on 01630 698714, email:  for further details.

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