Friday, March 31, 2023

Book Review – ‘Jewels of Our City’

by Jean Debney

The above book is now in print ISBN Number 978-1-85858-480-5 and can be obtained from Amazon – price £14.95.

In Part I the book portrays an excellent history of both the Trade and the evolvement of the Jewellery Quarter and shows the fortitude of its inhabitants, surviving nearly 300 years of impossible odds, including wars and depressions and repeated attempts to destroy its heritage, but always bouncing back, almost like a ‘Phoenix’.

During the history of the Jewellery Quarter every building, (even every room), every company and every individual have their own stories to tell, and each reflects the ‘highs’ and ‘lows’ of the trade in its own way.

Part II of ‘Jewels of Our City’ devotes a chapter to some of the most prominent ‘players’ in The Jewellery Quarter during the past century, including Marie Haddleton, (Jewellery Quarter Historian; Editor ‘The Hockley Flyer’, Leader Jewellery Quarter Heritage, Founder/ex Hon. President/Hon. Secretary of The Jewellery Quarter Association), and past and present activities of such famous companies as: Deakin & Francis, Charles Green, ACME Whistles, Kenning & Spencer, Thomas Fattorini Ltd., Gladman & Norman, W.H. Darby Ltd., I.J. Millington, Steven Green, Bill Haynes, Crescent Silver, plus the History of The Pen Room.

A most fascinating read!

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