CASTALDO® LiquaCast® RTV Now Faster

CASTALDO LiquaCast® RTV 0% shrinkage liquid rubber can now make finished jewellery moulds in as little as 1½ to 2 hours.

Standard cure time is still 18 hours, but LiquaCast can now be cured much faster by using mild heat to speed up the process as the rubber hardens. Temperatures up to 68o C/ 150 o F can be used to make finished moulds quickly.

The resulting moulds are tough, strong long–lasting and inexpensive compared to other liquid mould rubber materials.

Typical sources of warmth for this procedure include vulcanizers, empty wax injectors, food warming trays, empty slow food cookers or empty rice cookers, radiators, heating pads or any other source of slow, gentle heat. Higher temperatures or warm water baths should not be used.

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