Editorial April 2022

Easter has not been kind to The Hockley flyer publishing date of the 15th of the month which this year is good Friday. This issue will therefore be out just after the Easter break.

Dropping through the letterbox with a resounding thud just as this issue was going to press came another new book on the Jewellery Quarter, I say another because the excellent book Invention & Design Elkington of Birmingham came out only a few months ago, and on the official launch day it snowed heavily – typical!

This new book tackles head on the regeneration of the Jewellery Quarter and its last 20 years of transformation. The Hockley Flyer gets a nice mention as does our late editor Marie Haddleton and is penned by Andy Munro from his personal perspective. I have only had a chance to glance through it quickly but is not a hard read and entertaining with plenty of colour photos dispersed throughout.

Also in this issue amongst the heritage items, the rather pleasing re-use of a building I did not think would ever be restored in Camden Street, and the rather sad news that Harry Smith Ironmongers have closed their doors for the last time, just not quite making it 200 years of trading..


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