In its recent history, the Jewellery Quarter attracted retail jewellery stores, although the first ones were really ‘factory shops’ selling its manufactured products direct to the public, and more recently, artists in many fields, bars, restaurants, coffee shops, etc., and of course residents, with associated mini supermarkets and stores.

Shopping online has also had a devastating effect local communities countrywide, so I must ask everyone to try and shop local here in the JQ. Otherwise, it is in danger of losing these outlets, some well-established but struggling public houses have already gone.

This area has never had such a diverse community making it rather special, now is the time to shop local and support our local, artists, retailers, and local businesses – do not allow them to go under, help them survive through these exceptionally testing times and beyond. Doing so will help keep these businesses going but in the long term encourage new businesses into the Jewellery Quarter. Use it or lose it as they say!



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