GrainPro Grain-Making and Alloying Machine

New from Neutec/USA, the GrainPro is a state-of-the-art grain-making machine engineered with all the benefits Neutec/USA is known for: quality, speed and ease of use. This large capacity, induction-heated machine is dedicated exclusively to making grain – in either batch mode for alloying or in continuous mode for recycling scrap and sprues.

The GrainPro offers the convenience of consistent, Neutec/USA-quality casting grain without interfering with ongoing casting or other manufacturing operations. GrainPro streamlines the process like never before with incredibly consistent, fast, top-quality grain for continuous casting concerns that fabricate raw materials such as wire, rods or sheet, for manufacturing companies that create alloy in wholesale batches, and for milling operations that constantly recycle clean scrap from stamping into new sheet for the mills.

The GrainPro processes 18K gold at up to 0.75kg per minute (40kg per hour); its incredible 800cc crucible provides more than twice the graining capacity of the Neutec/USA J-15 casting machine.

The Neutec/USA technology built into this machine delivers such dependable consistency that over-karating to ensure precise karat values is never necessary. The GrainPro is designed for quick, contamination-free change-over from one alloy to another; it holds up to 30 custom, user-defined alloy programs; and it includes Pulsed Power Stirring, AutoValve technology, and a new ’empty crucible’ feature that ensures complete recovery of metal.

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