Jewellers to Help Give Hope to Enslaved Women

Three Birmingham jewellers are proving to be real gems by offering hope to enslaved women in India. Norma Murrain, Isabella Hart and Andrea Korgsen are heading to the country next month for ten days to volunteer their time to set up a jewellery project.

Norma, who runs the Silver Fish Jewellery Company in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter, visited villages in southern India to lead a jewellery workshop for women rescued from prostitution in February.

She’s now teaming up with Isabella and Andrea, who also work in the Quarter, to take part in an initiative to help enslaved women out of poverty by showing them how to make and sell jewellery using readily available materials.

Norma, who will leave for India with Isabella and Andrea from October 18, explained: “The initiative is being run by the Mercy Mission Welfare Society, which sees rescued women given hope by learning about setting up small jewellery businesses.

“I was honoured to lead a Treasured Jewellery workshop for Harvest India in February and I learned so much from the humility of the Indian people as well as having the privilege of sharing jewellery making skills.”

Norma added that special jewellery making demonstrations and workshops for groups were being offered in the UK to help fund Silver Fish’s charitable projects.

She said: “Our workshops are popular with groups and churches and people get to learn about jewellery and can also make their own jewellery. We also offer presentations and demonstrations.”

“The workshops, demonstrations and presentations help our charitable projects, so any group that books knows that the modest charges are all for a good cause.”

To arrange a demonstration, workshop or presentation, contact Norma on 0121 554 4575 or find out more on

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