JQ Cemeteries Restoration Project Update

By Josie Wall, JQDT

Despite the Coronavirus lockdown, the cemeteries have remained open as they are no longer used as burial grounds, enabling contractors to continue with restoration work to the pathways which were very neglected.

Most of the blue bricks used to edge the paths have been reclaimed and work completed to the pathways themselves, using Breedon gravel, chosen as being the most suitable material as Breedon gravel is self-binding.

This is because it is made of clay which will stop the gravel from washing away and blocking the drains.

The colour chosen is rather vivid, but this colour will gradually mellow until it blends with stonework in the cemeteries.

New Website
The Cemeteries Project has now launched its own website and makes an interesting read:

More Information:
W: www.cemeteries.jewelleryquarter.net

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