How to Advertise Vacancies

Page updated 16.09.2021

Recruitment Adverts

Deadline is the 25th of the month preceding cover date e.g. 25th Jan for February issue.

The Hockley Flyer has two distinct types of advertising spaces to advertise, the ‘Display Adverts’ and the ‘Small Ads’. Display adverts can be booked online and upload your artwork at the same time, the same with Small Ads. Note our recruitment adverts are a slightly different size to the normal Display Adverts.

Recruitment Display

Advert sizes are for a full, 1/2, 1/4 , and 1/8 page. These are full colour so worth thinking about taking advantage of that, logos and images can be incorporated into the design. We suggest around 125 words to a maximum 200 for a 1/4 page, 150 words to a maximum of 200 for 1/2 page and 300 words for a full page

To order online CLICK HERE

Pros – Imagination can run wild with design, makes the biggest announcement. Cons – Must wait for next magazine to be printed or at least put online

Small Ads

Our Small Ads Vacancy adverts are smaller adverts that are 4cm, 6cm and 8cm by 1 column, which are boxed adverts and can be full colour and can have loads of imagination in their design, but do think of the smaller size with the number of words. As a guide no more than 50 words for 4cm x 1 column.

To order online CLICK HERE

Pros – Cost effective advert with a bit of design scope. Cons – Must wait for next magazine to be printed or magazine put online.


PDF files of press quality, images around 300dpi resolution preferably as CMYK. PDF files produced in Quark and InDesign from both PC and MAC platforms accepted. PDF files produced from Microsoft Publisher may give unexpected results not shown up on screen. We do NOT accept PDF files produced with CorelDRAW as the colour profiling is different giving poor results in the final printing stage (these are not apparent pre-press).


Useful Templates for Display artwork

Full  page without bleed

1/2 page no bleed

1/4 page no bleed