New LED Skull Cufflinks Are Frightfully Good!

376hf-11aIn time for Halloween, Deakin & Francis took their iconic skull cufflinks to the next level. In a choice of finishes – a beautiful rose gold satin finish or an edgy, smooth matt black finish – the British brand have launched a pair of frightfully good new skull head designs – created and crafted for the brave and the daring. Featuring the Deakin & Francis iconic jaw dropping mechanism, wearers are surprised as the dropping jaw reveals bright red LED lights that shine from the eyes!

The skull design has been a recognisable part of the Deakin & Francis collection for many centuries. Inspired by family folklore of seeing off pirates at sea in the 1600’s, the skull has continued to develop into a walking talking piece of art.

376hf-11b376hf-11cJames Deakin, Creative Director, says, “We have such a fantastic array of skull head cufflinks – from those with diamond popping eyes, our Hairy Viking Collection featuring furry beards and spinel helmets to our fantastic savage cufflinks with beaver pelt orange headbands and a mass of big black hair – that I knew our next creation had to really surprise and amaze our wearers! As we celebrate our 230th anniversary, I really wanted to push the boundaries and give our iconic skull head designs a completely different twist.

The use of LED lights is totally new for us, and it took some development to get right – but when you pull down the jaw, there is no bigger surprise than an awesome bright red light – they will truly light up any shirt sleeve!”

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