Sutton Tools at IJL (Stand 960)

Sutton Tools are once again exhibiting at the IJL exhibition in London – 31st August – 3rd September. As well as displaying their huge range of manufacturing equipment the GRS Gravermax and associated tools will be demonstrated by not one but two master craftsmen! This amazing range will save you time, money and effort, all whilst enhancing your engraving and stone setting skills!

Small scale finishing is now easier and more efficient with the newly modified ‘MICRO-STREAM 3’. This machine finishes pieces from casting or manufacture through to finished product using just two simple processes. Also the Micro-Stream is excellent for refinishing tired or tarnished shop displays – ‘Maximum finish, minimum effort.’

New for 2003 are Self-adhesive Abrasive Strips (SAS). These durable, long lasting abrasive strips can be cut to any shape or size and stuck to most surfaces for great versatility( available in 3 different grades). High power steam cleaners, plus a new line of top quality and superb value plating and polishing equipment.

Experience for yourself the difference a ‘day can make’ by visiting Suttons at the IJL on stand 960.

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