Water Works

Over £1 million is being invested to improve the sewer system that serves Newhall Court on George Street in Birmingham and a drop in session was held on 17 December) for the local community to learn more about the work.

Ben Gannon, programme engineer, explains: “Sometimes, when there’s heavy rainfall, the sewers in this part of the historic Jewellery Quarter can’t cope with all the rainwater as well as the waste. The main sewer in George Street becomes full, and customers’ waste water then has nowhere to go.

Unfortunately, it can sometimes escape out of the drains in Newhall Court, leading to the basement and parking areas of the Newhall Court apartments flooding. We want to stop this from happening in future, so over £1 million is being invested to improve the sewer network in the area.

The plan is to install new sewers, with valves to stop it backing up into the drains in Newhall Court and installing a large underground storage tank which will hold about 500,000 litres of excess water, which will return to the main sewer when the rain eases off and there’s room in the sewers again. Amazingly, once the project is finished, you won’t even know it’s there, but it’ll be working hard to prevent flooding to homes and businesses.

“When the work is being carried out this will have as little impact on the area as possible.”

The work is scheduled to start late in January 2015, with Severn Trent Water’s contract partner, NMCNomenca, carrying out the work.

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