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WBTCJG Provides the Ultimate Natural Diamond Reassurance

Weston Beamor and Domino have confirmed that, following extensive testing and audit, they are confident that all of the diamonds that they use across each business are 100% natural stones. This guarantee comes after months of testing, undertaken in partnership with their core supplier, which involved the testing of more than 20,000 diamonds using technology developed by DeBeers gemmological division, IIDGR.

Commenting on the new customer guarantee, WB The Creative Jewellery Group Operations Director, Mark Thomas, said: “We are really pleased to be able to offer this guarantee to customers, as we know that it will provide them and their consumers with peace of mind. The increase in availability and production of lab-grown stones means that there is room for error, whether deliberate or otherwise. We wanted to be able to reassure our customers that, as well as leading-edge technology, high-quality and ethical recycled precious metals and on-trend design, that they could also be confident that every single diamond that we set is natural.”

The Birmingham manufacturer has confirmed that as well as an investment in their own on-site IIDGR SYNTHDetect, which can test colourless stones with no lower size limit, including loose stones, as well as those set in rings, bangles, brooches and necklaces; that their main supplier for diamonds, has confirmed the natural origin of their entire stock of more than 20,000 stones, after investing in their own high-specification IIDGR machine, which allows them to test multiple diamonds at one time.

Commenting on the SYNTHDetect, Thomas, said: “We’re in a unique position in the UK industry, in as much as we have this brilliant guarantee from our supplier, and we have also invested in similar technology that allows us to confirm whether stones are natural or lab-grown. We didn’t take the decision to invest in the SYNTHDetect lightly; it was a substantial investment that we decided to make given the rise of manufactured stones entering the pipeline. And one that has paid off for both WB and our customers too.”

Domino Jewellery Sales Director Andrew Sollitt added: “We believe that our role as manufacturer and supplier is to make our customers’ lives as easy as possible. We focus heavily on retailer satisfaction and we actively seek and act on customer feedback.

We’ve heard and understood the concerns surrounding lab-grown diamonds entering the natural stone supply chain. We chose to invest in the SYNTHDetect more than a year ago now, because we were impressed with its accuracy and ease of use.

We also knew that DeBeers was a recognisable and trusted name, and this testing project and the resulting guarantee is excellent news, which we are keen to share with our customers and the wider trade in general.”

The SYTHDetect was designed by IIDGR specifically for set jewellery and can also be used for loose stones. SYNTHDetect uses the principle of time-resolved photoluminescence, with images viewed on a high-resolution touch screen.

WB Business Manager Ed Hole, added: “The SYNTHDetect has been an extremely powerful addition to our toolkit.

We can test our own stones, as well as stones that customers have sourced themselves. As the personalisation trend continues, we continue to see increased demand for bespoke jewellery; so, to be able to provide our customers with this additional level of reassurance is simply brilliant.”

For more information on the SYNTHDetect, visit

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