Whom and Who From?

One of our readers is anxious to trace the names of people in this picture, and who sent him the picture as well!

‘This picture of the staff at All Saint’s Primary school in the 1950s came as a result of an article I wrote about the school some time ago. Alas I have lost the details and who sent it to me.

I would like to know all the names as I can only remember the head teacher, Ms Cole in the white dress and hat in the centre – and the deputy head Mr Manning who is standing behind Ms Cole in the centre.

If any readers know the names of any of the other staff it would be extremely helpful to have them. The school was a Victorian slum, closed in the 1970s and later demolished, but the teaching was excellent, and the staff should be celebrated. I owe them a debt I can never repay’.

Trevor Fisher BA (Hons), MA, MEd, PGCE

Please send any information to Trevor Fisher c/o The Hockley Flyer, 31 Cedarwood Croft, Great Barr Birmingham B42 1HS for forwarding – or email and we will forward your message on to Trevor.

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